Hero Border Collie braves Australian bushfires to rescue koalas

The population of koalas in Australia is in danger of extinction after devastating bush fires recently hit the country. While hundreds of tireless firefighters and volunteers are desperately trying to stop the catastrophic events, unexpected help came from a four-legged hero.

Bear, a Border Collie-Koolie cross, is the only dog in the world able to find koalas using its nose. Wearing socks to protect his paws, the dog was deployed to the affected areas of New South Wales and Queensland. He helps the firefighters to save the defenseless koalas.


The Border Collie is hailed as a hero, after the International Fund for Animal Welfare, an Australian animal charity shared some photos with the brave dog in action. “Unfortunately, no sign of koalas has been found, but we hope that survivors will be found in neighboring areas,” the group wrote in a Facebook article.





Meantime, a lot of heartbreaking footages of rescued koalas are circulating on social media.


Source:  luxuryvideonews.com

h/t: unilad

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