“Heroic Puppy” Dives In Water To Save Drowning Cat And Piggybacks Her To Safety [VIDEO]

On the left and right, we hear stories of humans saving different types of animals. Even though we had a horrible day, reading these stories makes our day so much better. True, they are raising to this point.

So, today’s story is about the rescue. However, he shares the details of a heroic puppy rescuing a cat. It certainly reminds me of Tom and Jerry. Even when they were joking, when someone else did something to them, they were always there for each other.


Now, we know that dogs and cats are not the best friends in the world and do not get along very well. If you do not love yourself or hate you, they will probably avoid each other most of the time. Now leave all this behind and see for yourself how this puppy takes all these ideas with this heroic act.

This lady from Turkey was present during the heroic act we are talking about. She, of course, took a video of this act of kindness and shared it with her friends on Twitter.

I mean, if you do not save it, did that happen ?! In the video, you can clearly see the cat drowning in the water while trying to cope.

As soon as the puppy sees what is happening, he jumps into the water without hesitation for a second and helps the poor kitten. He goes slowly and carefully under the cat while the cat jumps on his back and both are successful. The cutest thing ever!

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However, things do not just end here. Just after saving the kitten, we see him fighting to get out of the water himself. But, of course, the doggo overcomes him and he gets a standing ovation from people around.

While for some people on Twitter, it was not cute, so they blamed the woman for filming instead of helping them out of the water. But she was not alone there and people defended her by saying that animals are much stronger when they manage on their own, instead of people helping them. In addition, it looks like the pond was not deep to cause problems.

See the uplifting video for yourself!