Hikers Find Dog Lost At National Park, Carry Her Over 3 Miles To Safety

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As three hikers made their way through a secluded section of the Australian mountain. Glorious National Park, they heard a splashing noise from a stream bed in front. They approached cautiously and quietly, expecting to see a kangaroo or a platypus, but were stunned when they saw a chubby dog ​​struggling to free itself from the water instead.

Hikers have created a noose of rope and a long stick to pull the dog out of the freezing water. The well-fed and sterilized dog must have fallen into a deeper part of the stream and exhausted herself trying to get out.

Terrified and disoriented, the dog tried to escape from his rescuers by climbing the creek bed. The trio of hikers surrounded her, afraid to lose sight of her on the unforgiving terrain.

The area was well over 5 kilometers from any house or business, and if it fell back into the icy water, it would not survive the night. They started to plan to get her out of the isolated forest and put her in a safe place.open next Page to see More









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