homeless puppy desperately seeking shelter, finding warmth and comfort in a manger

Dogs living on the streets are numerous and you never know exactly how many there are, but according to recent statistics from the ASPCA, about 4 million dogs live on the street only in the United States.



At this time of year, when temperatures begin to fall, the lives of stray dogs and stray dogs become dangerous.

And unfortunately, these poor dogs can not do much to keep warm.

Poor stray dogs try to find ways to stay warm and avoid cold temperatures.

A stray dog ​​decided to use a temporary shelter, a Christmas crib, in order to sleep properly.

The German Shepherd who slept curled up next to Jesus drew a lot of attention and generated a crowd. We still do not have confirmation that this is true, but rumors say that someone in the crowd decided to adopt the poor dog after seeing this touching scene.


All dogs deserve a caring home, and we hope that this cute German Shepherd has indeed found a loving home, which will take care of his needs.




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