How to Train Your Dog

How to Train Your Dog




how to train your dog tricks?

-Go to Bed

Here’s a good one to complete the demonstration of your dogs’ best tricks: send her to bed for a good rest after all this hard work! The phrase “Go to bed” is useful to indicate that your dog needs to be removed from the action and settle down. Of course, you can always take the next step by teaching him how to pull the blankets on himself… but it may take a little longer

-Army Crawl

Here’s a truly adorable and impressive trick that couldn’t be easier to teach. If your dog knows how to lie down, she’s just a step away from crawling!


how to train your dog to sit ?

Teaching your dog to sit on command is one of the simplest behaviors you can teach and is usually the first commandment of basic obedience training. Sitting can be useful behavior in many situations, but the training process is also the beginning of establishing relationship roles between you and your dog. Once your dog has learned to sit on command, you will have his attention, which will make future training easier. Some methods are generally more effective for puppies, while others are better suited to older, less energetic dogs

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