Humane Society Is Looking For Volunteers To Cuddle Dogs

If you’re visiting this website or follow our Facebook page – chances are, you love animals – especially dogs. How could you not? They’re sweet, gentle, and oh so cuddly! And puppies? How could you ever resist?!

When puppies are born or brought into a shelter – it can be a very confusing and difficult time for them. A time when they could really use some extra TLC.


The Humane Society of Tampa Bay is currently looking for a group of volunteers to be puppy snugglers. They are in search of people who would be willing to bond and cuddle with pups that have just gotten out of surgery.

It’s basically the most perfect job ever for dog lovers.

A retired deputy named Jeff Honig has already started his position as a volunteer puppy cuddler and he doesn’t regret his decision at all. He might not be the most likely candidate for the job but he absolutely loves it.

Honig already has four cats of his own and travels a lot, but when he gets a free moment, he heads to the shelter to spend time with these distressed dogs. He enjoys helping soothe them during their tough times

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