If a service dog approaches you without his owner, he needs your help

If a service dog approaches you without his owner, he needs your help

When a support dog approaches you and he is alone, he may be asking for help urgently.
Most people know some rules about service dogs: do not approach a service dog who works and do not like it, and know that service dogs are allowed in places where other dogs are not – like grocery stores. However, as revealed in a recent viral article on Twitter this week, most people do not know what to do when a dog with a lifejacket or service harness approaches you – and there is no one at the other end of his leash.

The “PSA for Service Dogs” begins with the story of a woman who stumbled and fell with her service dog. The bitch, who had been trained to have an adult in a crisis, tried to get the attention of a local woman who “mulled him and told him to leave”.

The woman did not know she was unaware of the sign that there might be an emergency nearby.

“If a service dog without anyone approaches you, it means the person is down and needs help,” the message continues. “Do not be scared, do not get upset, follow the dog!”

“If it had been an emergency, I could have vomited and choked, I could have banged my head, I could have done so many things … if what his face could understand that he wanted that he goes to the well, you will understand that a dog dressed in a jacket proclaiming that it is a service dog wants you to follow him.

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The message, which was released on Saturday, has since been shared more than 163,000 times. So I hope the message has been sent. The woman who published it said that, although it was not her personal story (she was originally published on Tumblr), she was happy to inform so many people about what to do in these situations, which could be life or death scenarios.

After the article was posted online, Today has deepened the issue by talking to a professional dog trainer about exactly what to do when an active service dog comes to you alone. Open next Page To See More







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