Kansas City refuses veterans to remain homeless and builds them for free in their own city


After two years of planning, a group of homeless veterans in Kansas City, Missouri, will finally have a home. The Veterans Community Project has built 13 tiny houses, consisting of four family units and nine individual units, all functional. Not only will these veterans have a home, but they will also have access to financial management, cooking, health and addiction courses.


Veterans Community Project members believe that without these homes, many veterans would end up in jail or remain homeless. They plan to continue the progress made here by adding another 19 homes during the second phase of the project. It is also planned to build a community center for residents.

During a moving ceremony, the Veterans Project received the final blessing of the City Council: Food was activated in newly designed homes.

“One of the veterinarians was sitting last week watching houses build and were in tears,” Mark Solomon told FOX4. “Shouting literally that he was going to settle in one of those houses. It’s real. That’s what makes it all worthwhile and yes, it’s a ton of time and effort, but we can help those people. “Open next Page To see more





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