Kind Pit Bull offers her niche to a pregnant stray cat and stands guard while she has her kittens

The cat the family named Nicol and her kittens are doing well. Flores said that once the kittens are old enough, they will find a loving home, but Nicol will always have a home with them.


A photo of the incident spread and people couldn’t help but joke that the cat had simply taken control of the niche. Flores even joined them and wrote: “The cat took advantage of the situation, with that you don’t have to pay rent.

Joking aside, the dog’s gentle gesture did not go unnoticed. Countless people have praised Hades and commented on his adorable face. One person said, “The most beautiful face 🥰 !!! They take the lead of humanity 💜.”

Flores shared this touching story in the hope that people would regard pit bulls as the loving dogs they are. “Pitbulls are good dogs,” he said. “Hades puts everything aside to help someone else. We should do the same without expecting anything in return.”


source :Photos: Facebook/Juan José P Flores

source :blog.theanimalrescuesite.greatergood.com


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