Koala baby hugs unconscious mother during lifesaving surgery

Koala baby hugs unconscious mother during lifesaving surgery

The love between a mother and her children is the most powerful power on the planet. Moms of animals are attached and devoted to their children in the same way as humans. Regardless of the species, a mother will always be a mother. And this duo koala mom-baby proves it.


After an accident, Lizzie and her baby Phantom were transferred to the Australian Zoo Wildlife Hospital. Although the little koala suffered no injuries, his mother had to undergo surgery.

And the most moving part was when Joey, 6 months old, stayed with his mother during the surgery. The vet understood that it would be better if he let them stick to each other and provide comfort because separating them could easily traumatize them and make them anxious.

Originally from Australia, koalas are pretty asocial animals. The only link is between babies and their mothers. And how the video shows it, their link is amazing! Watch the touching encounter below!





H/T: .majesticanimals.net

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