Little Girl Sings Puppy To Sleep With Sweet Lullaby


It’s no surprise that some of us pet owners like to spoil our four-legged friends. After all, they are so sweet, so affectionate and so loyal that they are like our babies (well, furbabies!).

But let’s face it, the dogs that grow up around children are often the most spoiled. With human siblings, there is more delicious food to find, always someone to run with and lots, lots of time for cuddles.

The world is full of lucky pets, that’s for sure, but the dog in the video below is perhaps one of the lucky ones. Her human sister stole the heart of the Internet with the way she treats the puppy.

Four-year-old Marleigh loves her adorable toy Fiona and shows her in the sweetest way possible. The little girl’s mother, Paige Jolley Bumgarner, once recorded the duo on her phone to record the duo together.
Marleigh clings to the boxer who sleeps in her arms. In addition to gently rocking Fiona back and forth, she also hums softly. All the dog really needs is a cozy blanket and it would be paradise (but it’s pretty close)

Moments after the video begins, Marleigh begins singing a hymn to her dog.
She makes the lyrics sing:

I know it, or the Bible tells me
The little ones belong to him,
They’re weak, but he’s strong.”

Fiona doesn’t move an inch while the angelic sings and the whole scene is just beautiful.

From the outside, it is easy to see that Marleigh is a patient and loving pet owner. But another thing that’s adorable is that even she knows it too.
At one point, the girl told her mother

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“I’m a good sister, Mom.”

Paige responds to her daughter with a very true statement. She says:

“You’re the best.”

It’s not very surprising that Fiona stays asleep, even with Marleigh’s sweet words. The situation seems very similar to that of a baby cradled in his sleep and comforted by the soothing voice of his mother.

But at some point, the little girl lets out some big sneezes. “To your wishes!”
Unfortunately, the sneezes wake Fiona up and she lifts her head while she sleeps. Looks like Marleigh’s going to have to start all over again! But considering how cute and precious all this is, it’s not really a bad thing, is it?

Marleigh starts singing “Jesus Loves Me” again and in a flash, Fiona hides again and goes to sleep. Seriously, this girl is good.

Luckily for us, Paige shared the touching video on Facebook. She added the caption, “That’s why this dog is so spoiled.”
It quickly went viral and, in about a month, it has accumulated an incredible 600,000 shares. Thousands of comments were also left. One woman wrote:

“It’s so precious that you can teach the kids to be nice to furry babies, even though I think it came very naturally with this little girl; it definitely shows that her parents filled her with kindness and love❤️

Someone else made a comment:

“Oh, how adorable it is, like a little mom”

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