LOOK : [Dog] Lost For Years Is So Happy To Be In His Best Friend’s Arms Again


Earlier this month, volunteers at this animal shelter in Ukraine took in a large, blue-eyed stray dog for whom life on the streets had clearly not been kind. His emaciated body and mangy coat hinted at the many hardships he’d faced.

Rescuers were determined to find the dog a happy new home — not realizing, of course, he already had one. And that someone was missing him dearly.

The day the dog was brought in, his photo was taken and posted online to seek out potential adopters.

Given his condition, and the time that would be required to return him to health, it might have seemed unlikely for the poor pup to garner much interest — but the sadness in his eyes struck a chord.

Within hours, the post was shared hundreds of times by people around the world.

Those offers via web-based networking media had a significant effect.

Only two days after the fact, the sanctuary was reached by a lady whose pooch had been stolen from her yard in 2017. She’d been sent the sanctuary’s post and was struck by how comparable that pooch appeared to her missing puppy.





“She’d been searching for her pooch for a long time,” Galina Lekunova, who works at the safe house, revealed to The Dodo. In any case, could this be him?

The following day, a gathering was organized to affirm the doubt — and it before long ended up evident that it was in certainty a get-together. What’s more, a sincere one at that:

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“Tears of joy in the morning!” the shelter wrote of that moment, calling the reunion a “miracle.”

The dog, whose name is Lord, had waited so long for that day to come. He was finally back where he belongs — with the help of strangers who insisted on spreading the word about him online.

“We thank everyone who shared our post,” the shelter wrote. “Thanks to you that the dog’s life was saved, and peace returned to his owner’s soul!”




source: the dodo