LOOK : Dog tears the tail of each of his toy pigs

Dog tears the tail of each of his toy pigs

When Diesel’s parents brought him for the first time a nice stuffed toy, they did not know how much the husky was going to love him. For two days he was no longer playing with anything and his parents had realized that he would eventually destroy it, just like the rest of his toys. One day, they finally found stuffing everywhere – but were confused when they realized that something was different this time.

Diesel had torn only the tail of the stuffed pig – and that was it. Otherwise, the pig was totally OK. Diesel’s parents bought him another pig and after two days, exactly the same thing happens again.

It was two years ago and since then, Diesel has torn only dozens and dozens of stuffed pigs, and his parents do not know why.

“At first I thought it was for the squeaker but we found that the squeakers were still intact,” Diesel’s father Tim Eberts told The Dodo. “Since then, we have continued to buy him more pigs because he seemed to like them. He would play with them for about two days, concentrating on the back until one day he simply decides to pull his tail and get the most out of it.

Every time he tears another tail, Diesel seems so proud of him, as if that’s exactly what he was supposed to do, so his dad started taking pictures of him with all his pigs …Open next Page To See More 


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