LOOK : [Pit bull] ‘hijacks’ police car, eats officer’s beef jerky

A pit bull was out and about in a Texas neighborhood and ended up getting a snack in the process.

According to a Facebook post from Kilgore Police Chief Todd Hunter, an officer was dispatched on an animal control call Saturday. A gray pit bull was in the Kilgore, Texas, area.




A stray Texas pit bull snagged some beef jerky out of an unlikely place Saturday: the front seat of a police officer’s car.

The dog jumped into the seat after the officer tried to coax him into the back of the vehicle, which was caged. But the dog “decided he wasn’t going to jail,” Kilgore Police Chief Todd Hunter wrote on Facebook.

When the officer tried to get the pit bull out, Hunter said the dog became so aggressive that the officer had to shut the door for his safety.

Then the chief heard the pit bull enjoying the air conditioning and beef jerky over the radio. The response to the animal control call wasn’t going as planned.

From outside the car, the officer texted Hunter a visual update on the “hijacking.”


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