“Lost” dog leads woman to scene of car accident – helps trace her dog’s story

A story from Tennessee proves to the masses, once again, how incredible the link between a dog and a person can be. We have heard many times about the steadfast loyalty of a dog, his abject devotion to those who welcome him, and the unconditional love with which he pours whenever he has the opportunity.

In the end, there is a good reason for that. It seems that there is no end to the incredible things dogs do for us every day. This dog, in particular, melts hearts by millions and is dedicated to finding its owners.

The story begins with Kathy Wilkes Meyers, a woman who noticed something strange just off the highway.
Kathy is a volunteer of Love Me Tender Animal Rescue. Since the organization specializes in helping animals, it has seen more than its share of stray dogs. That said, something she noticed about the dog off the highway did not suit him.

Kathy had seen a Rottweiler. The poor girl looked rather thin as if she had been without food for a long time. As Kathy tried to interact with the dog, it became more and more obvious that he was not a stray dog.

“I could tell right away that she was someone’s baby. She just did not act like a stray dog ​​for me, “recalls Kathy.
Believing that this bitch was waiting for her family, Kathy decided to bring her back home and help with her research. Open next page To See more


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