Man builds sanctuary for 450 homeless dogs to end their suffering

For anyone who really loves animals, we can not bear to see them suffer. And for dogs who do not have the joy of having a home, they want nothing more than to be loved. Sasa Pejčić from Serbia is one of those people who would do anything for an animal in need. He could not stand the living conditions of many stray dogs in his homeland, which were unfortunately almost everywhere he looked. He knew that for these dogs their fate was sealed: it was either death in the streets, or death after being torn off by a dog catcher.

Secretly he designed a plan. He was going to create a place where these defenseless dogs could run and be free, receive daily meals and feel the love of a human being. Little by little, his plan came to fruition and, soon, Sasa had 450 dogs under his protection. And as you can see, his dogs are forever grateful that someone finally gave them the chance to give them the life they really deserved. OPEN NEXT PAGE TO SEE MORE


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