Man captured on camera taking the sick dog for a walk every day is praised by thousands

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For animal lovers, it is clear that when they adopt a dog, they must take care of it as long as their animal is alive, but for the other party, who does not understand how a dog should be treated, a man in Italy was an example of how dogs should receive the care and love they deserve.

Tonino Vitale was filmed during his usual walk with his sick dog, which is normal if you own a dog, but the story is different here, as poor Dylan, the 13-year-old dog, suffers from arthritis and is crippled. always offers fresh air putting it in a trolley and going out for walks.

Dylan can hardly move his front legs, and those on his back can not be moved at all, but Tonino is careful to make it as comfortable as possible during the outing.

“For me, for my wife who is an extraordinary woman and who loves him even more than me, Dylan is like our child,” said Tonino, according to the Italian news website Il Vibonese. Open next Page To see More







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