man finds a puppy abandoned in the trash

 man finds a puppy abandoned in the trash

Takis is well known in the rescue community for his reluctance to refuse animals. While his shelter is searched and he is often broken for veterinary care and food, he continues to receive animals. He refuses to leave them on the street to fend for themselves. Takis knows that a nearby landfill is a famous landfill for unwanted animals. Passing him, he saw a puppy sitting in the dir.


The little guy was only a few months old. At first, he looked good, but as he tried to chase Takis’ dog, you could see how weak his little body was. He also seemed to have lost confidence. It was if his owner abandoning him broke his heart, and he was ashamed of not being good enough.

He walked with trembling legs.
When was the last time he ate a good meal? His malnutrition was wreaking havoc. Fortunately, Takis found it when he did! As soon as Takis put the puppy in his car, he curled up in the car seat. He finally felt safe. Takis named him Samu.

Samu felt a little overwhelmed once he was at the shelter. Naturally, therefore! All the animals that came to say “hi” and sniff it scared him a little. It’s just a baby! Takis knew he had to put the little guy in foster care quickly! Open next Page To See Video.




Takis made a few calls and, fortunately, an adopter, who took two dogs from Takis, agreed to favour Samu … in Finland!

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She flew to Greece to collect the puppy. But first, he had to go to the store to get a new jacket, leash and a suitable collar.

Once in his new foster family, Samu was excited. He immediately became friends with the other dogs. Her new adoptive mom worked to find her home forever. Sure, she could tie up and keep it herself, but that would mean less space to accommodate more cheers. Foster parents are critical in the process of housing these animals.

In a few days, the adopters intensified. They desperately wanted to give Samu a new home forever. The dog that had been thrown away was now wanted! What could be better than that?

The puppy is now living happily with his family forever. Thanks to Takis and his adoptive mom for helping this little guy get the life he deserves!

To see the puppy’s rescue and story, click on play the video below!




Source: I Love My Dog So much