Man hires billboard to let everyone know it’s his dog’s birthday



Since Dood entered Chewning’s life, the two have been inseparable. “Dood is a very energetic puppy who likes to be with people as much as possible,” Chewning told Dodo. “He goes with me wherever I go and I take him to work every day.”

“Every time I walk through the door, it springs up from the ground and greets me with a bundle of energy and love,” he added. “Dood is a big dog and he really brought happiness to my life. He is my best friend.”

When the big day finally arrived, Chewning filmed it from start to finish. First, he drove Dood to Starbucks for a Puppuccino and stopped near the billboard. Dood didn’t seem too interested in the sign, so they continued their plans.

They played a game of fetch and Chewning presented Dood with a personalized cake suitable for dogs. At night, Chewning brought Dood back to the billboard to see everything on. “Look at that, Dood! Everyone is so happy to see your face up there, ”he said in the video.

Dood’s big day ended with a trip to the pet store: “I let him choose whatever he wanted,” said Chewning. “He is spoiled every day, so basically his birthday is all the time.”

You can watch the video of their adorable day here:




source : The DODO


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