Man plunges into deadly torrent to save his dog after he was swept away


Photo: CEN

We love our pets. These are our furbabies. And, I’m sure there’s not one of us who wouldn’t go to the end of the world for our pets. And it was this kind of devotion that led a dog owner to jump into a torrent of deadly water to save his dog that had been washed away.

The horrific incident occurred in Panama’s San Miguelito district, where heavy rains overflowed the Sinai River.

The moment Manuel Calderon, 35, jumped into the fast-flowing river was filmed, showing how he sailed through these dangerous waters to save his dog, which had been caught by the current.

The white dog can be seen in the video as he hesitates in the shallow waters before trying to reach Calderon who was waiting for him on the other side.

Locals said Calderon – who works as a vegetable seller – had already crossed the river and was waiting for his dog, Fulo, to follow him.Go to next Page to See Video












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