Man plunges into deadly torrent to save his dog after he was swept away



Calderon had assumed that Fulo could cross without problems, but the flow of the river proved too powerful for Fulo who quickly disappeared underwater with a glare.

Calderon acts quickly and dives into the deep waters after his dog, eventually catching up with Fulo. Calderon and Fulo managed to return safely to a nearby shoreline, thanks to video footage showing the dedicated pet owner bringing Fulo back to dry land.


Calderon spoke to local journalists, saying: “I was focused on the dog. And thank God I managed to catch him… I threw it on the bank and I went out a few meters later.”

Although the overflow of the river could have been fatal for Calderon and Fulo, the dog’s owner admitted that the risk was the furthest from his mind and that he just wanted to save his pet.

As Calderon explained, “an animal, just to be an animal, does not deserve to be neglected, because it is a life after all. I ask you to take care of them because they also have feelings.”

Local media reported that Calderon was abandoned as a child and grew up alone, making his attachment to Fulo all the more special.

The city’s mayor, Hector Valdes, said Calderon had joined the animal welfare department.

Fulo is certainly a very lucky dog to have such a caring owner. Fortunately, these two were able to dry up and put the incident behind them.


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