Meet “Fred”, The Labrador Who Adopted Nine Ducklings After They Lost Their Mom



For most of us, our family members are people directly related to us. But those who have found themselves in less fortunate circumstances often need to change their definition of the family a little

Fred is a 10-year-old Labrador guarding Mountfitchet Castle in Stansted, Essex. Fred grew up with his human parents, Jo and Jeremy Goldsmith, in the castle with various rescued animals, and it goes without saying that Fred got used to dealing with other animals that had been struggling.
But one day, Fred’s paternal instincts surfaced when the castle staff found nine lost ducks wandering around the castle. The nine ducklings were all alone, without mom insight. The staff thinks she could have been caught by a fox and feared that the nine ducklings would suffer the same fate. Fortunately, when the ducklings were introduced to Fred, he immediately took them “under his paw”. Fred cares for them and even swims with them every day in the moat of the castle. Because of Fred’s generous heart, the ducklings now see him as their father. They follow him everywhere and even sleep together in the same basket inside the house.
Fred, his ducklings and all the other saved animals that live at Mountfitchet Castle prove that the true family does not necessarily mean having a blood relationship or belonging to the same species, but that the true family is formed by sincere love and compassion. Open next Page To see More


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