Musical German shepherd hops on a bench and plays the piano like a pro




Just like humans, animals can be incredibly talented. They can sing, do tricks or, in the case of a German shepherd, play the organ.

Sadie, a German border shepherd collie, seduces the Internet with his ability to tickle the ivory of his family’s organ.

It is said that mutts have the intellectual capacity of a two-year-old. This knowledge is what allows them to become familiar with an assortment of new things. They can mainly learn the orders given to them by their owners or a coach.


Some dogs can gradually acquire specific skills, for example, knowing how to play the organ, a kind of

To the rescue, Sadie learned from her owner to play the organ, or at least to act as if she was playing it. In a viral video, when Sadie’s owner gives him the order, Sadie jumps on the bench in front of the organ and prepares to play.go To next page to See Video









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