neighborhood buys an apartment for a homeless woman and her dogs

This world could definitely use more kind people like the two friends, Jennifer Husband-Elsier and Melissa Akacha, who decided to help out a woman who was living out of her car in a Target parking lot in Philadelphia. The woman had two dogs with her, and it was clear that she was having a rough time in life.

Immediately, the two women asked the woman if there was anything they could do for her. The woman, who’s name is Lynn Schutzman, told them that she was fine. However, Jennifer and Melissa knew that this wasn’t true.



Melissa and Jennifer wanted to help her in every way possible. That’s when they decided to use Nextdoor – a social media site designed for neighbours. Together, Melissa and Jennifer have created a talking post on the “old woman with her two dogs”. Fortunately, people reacted and both women were able to learn enough to help Lynn get back on her feet.

It turns out that Lynn was a 70-year-old pharmacist whose life was pretty great, until recently. After her husband’s death, Lynn began to suffer from multiple diseases. The resulting medical bills are starting to accumulate to the point where she can no longer afford to pay rent. Open next Page to See More


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