neighborhood buys an apartment for a homeless woman and her dogs



Unfortunately, Lynn had no children or other family members she could turn to. Although she had a good life and a decent income until then, the difficulties left her homeless.

Lynn said: “I just want people to realize that this can happen to anyone. I had a good retirement, but I was sick and health insurance does not cover everything.”

Since she had nowhere to go, Lynn was forced to pack up and live in her SUV – where she had been for two years. The sad reality is that Lynn was not entitled to affordable housing and that many shelters do not accept dogs. Lynn wasn’t ready to give up her two pets, knowing that her life would be even worse without them, so she just lived in her car.

It turns out that Melissa is also a pharmacist, and after a few investigations, she quickly discovered that Lynn was a respected mentor in the field. For the past two years, Lynn has shown courage, but in reality, she really needed help. Melissa and Jennifer paid a hotel room for Lynn and her dogs while they were looking for the best way to help this woman.

It didn’t take long for Lynn’s story to come out and soon people in the community started bringing her meals, blankets and dog food to help her. There were even nice neighbours who offered to walk his dogs occasionally. Jennifer and Melissa were happy to see the generosity of others, but they felt more could be done to help her. open next Page To See Video 


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