Neighbors gather during pandemic to find missing dog

I think we can assume that many iHeartDogs readers are like me. This means, more specifically, that you usually stop immediately when you see a sign “Missing Animal”. Of course, my immediate reaction to these signs is a deep sadness, a sadness for the family concerned and for the disoriented puppy.

But the good thing about these “Disappeared” signs that are causing a lot of ink to flow is that they often help to find lost animals. A dog that disappeared in Washington DC must thank the leaflets for its discovery. But more than that, a whole community of strangers came together to take him home. They are also grateful to him for giving them a common cause during an isolation pandemic.

A Bernese cattle puppy named Finn comes from a breeder, and after only a week in a home, he was taken to a shelter. The shelter was called Debi Blaney, a current foster mother. The Bernese cattleman from Blaney had recently died of cancer at the tragic age of 5. At first, she wasn’t sure she was ready to adopt again, but after only 24 hours with her sweet Finn, she was sure. Finn came to see her for a reason, and that was the goal.go to next Page to See More












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