[ATTENION] Never Give Any of These 3 Ingredients to Your Dog

Since the day you brought your dog home, you’ve done everything possible to do your best.


You give all the vaccines recommended by your veterinarian.

You put your dog on something for fleas. And you feed the croquettes suggested by the attentive servant of the pet shop.

You did your best, but now your dog is sick – and you do not know why.

The more research you do, the more you realize that everything is related to the vaccines, chemicals, and toxins in the food we have given to our pets because we think we are helping them – while we are suffering from them.

It’s the same kind of things we do ourselves, but with less regulation in the world of pets, our beloved dogs and cats worsen a lot worse.

The list is long of all the possible ingredients that can go wrong in commercial pet foods.

But do not overwhelm us and start with three big ones: BHA / BHT, Ethoxyquin and Propylene Glycol.

Fortunately, the best brands insist on not adding them, but they may not appear on the label if a supplier in the food processing chain decides that it makes sense to add one or more.

If you have doubts, do your homework on what you eat and change brands if necessary – or better, prepare your own food.


3 Ingredients You Should Never Feed Your Dog:

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