New Law Allows Pets To Be Buried Alongside Their Humans At Cemeteries

Options were previously limited for people who wanted to be buried with their furry babies. Basically their only choice was to be buried in a pet cemetery if that’s what they wanted.

But if people can be buried in a pet cemetery, why can’t they be buried in a human cemetery?

This is a question that a state answers with a new law.

New York is changing the rules regarding pets and where they are allowed to be buried. They passed a law that allows people to be buried alongside their pets if they wish, in a human cemetery. And the law is not limited to dogs and cats. It allows a range of different animals to be buried with their owners.


It is a decision that many pet owners applaud, as their fur babies are part of their family. There are of course exceptions to the law. Religious cemeteries do not have to comply with this new law, and individual cemeteries can always choose to refuse to bury pets if they wish.

A pet cemetery in Westchester County said that each year at least five people choose to be buried with their pets in their cemetery, rather than being separated from them in a human cemetery. It’s a way for them to stay close to their loved ones even after they leave.open next Page to see More



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