Newlyweds forget traditional wedding “gifts and instead”ask donations for shelter

Two newlyweds loving animals recently tied the knot at a beautiful ceremony in Ohio. While most couples opt for traditional wedding gifts, these two had a very different idea in their sleeve.

Jonathan and Jeananne Wickham are very involved in animal welfare and have adopted each of their cats in local shelters. Over the years, they have seen the need for refueling in shelters and realized they wanted to provide valuable help. After researching shelters in the area, they decided which facility could make the most of a massive donation.
When guests received their wedding registry, the list was filled with unexpected items. Most home supplies were usually replaced by supplies for the four-legged friends of the Wayne County Humane Society.

Their record included dog food, cat food, cat litter, treats and a range of cleaning products. In addition to the pet items you could buy, there was the option of a cash donation that would also go directly to the shelter.Open next Page To see More





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