Oil rig workers save 137 dogs at sea for swimming

In April 2019, workers at an oil rig in the Gulf of Thailand saw something strange swimming in the water. Once the creature got closer, the workers realized that it was a dog!


The workers were all in shock: the oil rig was 137 miles from the coast. They did not understand how the dog had gone so far to the sea.

The workers called the dog, who swam desperately to their voices. She climbed on the bars under the oil rig, shivering and trying to warm up. As the dog clung to the bars, the workers tried to find a way to get her up on the oil rig.

“After reaching the bars under the platform, she did not cry or bark,” wrote on Facebook Vitisak Payalaw, offshore planner for Chevron Thailand Exploration and Production Ltd. “We looked for a way to help her and finally decided to use a rope to tie her body around her body to lift her up.”





The workers threw the rope and managed to catch the puppy.
They then transported it to the oil platform. The dog was exhausted by her ordeal, but she was still as nice as possible. She let all the workers caress her and she also ate all the food they gave her.

“When we gave him water and minerals, his symptoms improved. She started to sit down and walk normally, “Payalaw wrote.

The workers called a local rescue group, Watchdog Thailand, who told them they would come for the puppy.
The rescuers rushed to the oil rig in their boat and brought the little dog back to their shelter. Before leaving, they took a comforting video of the dog with his rescuers.

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Back on the mainland, Watchdog Thailand took the puppy to a veterinarian where she had a well-deserved bath. The dog was still tired, but she seemed to be in a good mood. She was also healthy.

“The boat arrived at 10 o’clock and the dog was in a good mood. We took her to the vet to be checked and found to be in good health. Everyone who participated in the rescue coordination did a great job, “wrote Watchdog Thailand on Facebook.

Watchdog Thailand still does not know how the dog has gone so far at sea. Their best guess is that she was on a fishing boat and she fell overboard. Nobody showed up again for the claim, but Watchdog Thailand hopes its owners will appear.

If his owners do not show up, Vitisak Payalaw said he was interested in his adoption. The two quickly bonded together when they were together on the oil rig.

This puppy is an amazing animal that was determined to survive! We are very happy that this dog has found a group of benevolent oil rig workers to help him.

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h/t: ABC News

Source:  Watchdog Thailand via Facebook