Once described as “aggressive”, Pit Bull showers with love on its adopted kittens

“I was really surprised at the interest I had in him almost immediately. I have never been interested in the idea of having a well. It’s not that I was afraid of the stereotype, because I grew up with the most loving Rottweiler of all time, but honestly, I never personally knew a pit and I had no opinion about them one way or another.


In January, we sat outside the shelter waiting for the obedience class to begin. Mack is a casual dog and has never pulled on his leash. An employee of the shelter was leaving, and Mack dragged me to the parking lot and started jumping on this guy. Very weird, because Mack had just overcome his fear of strange men, and he was thrilled to see this guy! Chris asked me if it was Dwight, so I said “yes, but he’s now known as Mack”.

“It turns out that Chris is the person who saved his life, and he gave me all the details. Without Chris, Mack wouldn’t be here today, and I’m very grateful.

Although Analisa felt a strong connection almost immediately with Mack, he still had to pass the Bowser test. Bowser had been a “little wild man” who lived in a wild colony in Analisa’s hometown. She wasn’t sure how the two would get along – the best she hoped for was a difficult period of adjustment followed by a friendship, but Mack and Bowser immediately surprised her!

“It went surprisingly well! I took Mack home and Bowser approached him and they found themselves face to face.”


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Bowser was no stranger to dogs, and his curiosity took over when the new puppy entered their home. They immediately got along, and in less than 24 hours they claimed each other as a family.

“The next day, I woke up to see them both sleeping on me. No hugs between them, but it was a pretty solid start! Now they cuddle each other more than they cuddle with me. Mack seems to have a special charm for cats. As a foster family, Analisa often has little kittens in her home, and no one seems more interested in their upbringing than Mack! When the first litter arrived at home, Mack presented himself with great care under the careful supervision of Analisa.

“He always had the option to play with them and then if he was over it, he could leave at any time. A lot of the time, he would look at me, look at the kittens and then look at me again like he was asking ‘Is this okay? Am I doing alright?’ and he is always rewarded for his good behavior.” Together, Mack and Bowser help Analisa raise kittens that learn to trust and love regardless of species – throwing that old cat-vs-dog stereotype out of the window!

You may want to share this with anyone who thinks Pit Bulls are inherently dangerous – Mack is proof that these big, sweet puppies are as sweet and gentle as any other breed.

Looking at Mack now, you’d never guess that he had ever been so badly hurt. Thanks to the love of the kind humans who saved him – and his kitty brother Bowser, Mack has put his past far, far behind him. The future is filled with love, cuddles, and tiny, furry kittens.




“Mack had such a lousy start to life, but he never let that break him. He has the happiest soul I have ever encountered and just enjoys life. He looks at me with the most pure love. He also does everything 110% of the way whether it’s playing fetch, de-fluffing toys or taking care of his babies.”

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