“Owner Starves” Dogs For Months & Dumps Them In A Parking Lot Before Thanksgiving

The Delavan City Police Service is looking for owners of 2 extremely emaciated dogs who were thrown into a Walmart car park before Thanksgiving. The poor dogs have been starved to the point where every bone in their body is visible.

The dogs were brought to the Lakeland Animal Shelter for emergency care. Initial reports revealed that dogs are in a delicate state, their vital organs not functioning properly due to prolonged starvation. Once the damage to their health has been assessed, the staff will start feeding dogs in very small amounts.

The police who investigated this case found several customers who had spotted the dogs in the evening, but none of them could recognize the owners. They are now seeking help from the public to find those responsible for abusing these dogs. Spread the word and help the police identify these dogs or their owners.open next Page to See Video




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