Patient Pooch Has Helped His Mom Foster “200 Rescue” Pups

Kilo’s life began in a cruel and too common way. He lived in a sad backyard without enough to eat. Its sole purpose was to breed and produce the litter after the litter of puppies.



Finally, Kilo found himself in an anti-life shelter in California. It was there that he met volunteer Candice Miller. At the time, Miller herself had three dogs and was not trying to add another. But something about Kilo touched his heart
He curled up in the back of his cage and eventually approached Miller in a crawl attempt in the army. No matter how much she worked with him, Kilo simply could not gain the confidence to attract potential adopters. After two months, he was placed on the euthanasia list.

On his last day, Miller contacted the shelter and learned that Kilo was already in the waiting area, waiting to enter the slaughter room. She jumped in her car and rushed to save him without a moment.

“The rest was history,” says Miller. “Kilo came into my life at a time when I needed him the most … We both had bad experiences, but together we are absolutely happy and healthy.”


As Miller would learn, Kilo is more than just a loving addition to his bag. Shortly after she arrived, she welcomed Penny, a 3-day old, motherless puppy who needed 24-hour nursing.



The puppy refused his bottle until Miller tried to put it on Kilo’s belly. Her body warmed the preparation and gave little Penny the feeling of breastfeeding with a real dog. Kilo had found his true calling!

To this day, Kilo and Penny are inseparable. The once-vulnerable puppy grew up to become a mature adult but remains desperately dedicated to his surrogate dad.

And while Penny still holds first place in her heart, Kilo continued to help Miller raise about 200 puppies!

“He really enthused me for the rescue,” says Miller. “He just takes care of them.”

They climb it like a jungle gym, gnaw at it like a chew toy, and interrupt their naps with zany antics, but Kilo’s patience knows no bounds.

Litter after litter, puppy after puppy, he loves them with love and teaches them the ins and outs of dog life.
It could be all the puppies he saw coming and going when he was a breeding dog. Or maybe it’s because he still has a heart for a puppy. Anyway, Kilo is an adoptive father of the first order!Open next Page to see More





Since welcoming Kilo to his family seven years ago, Miller has moved to a 12-acre Oregon property to accommodate his ever-growing pack and a rotating guardian group.



It’s a paradise for puppies!
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