People gather to save a loose frightened dog on the highway

People gather to save a loose frightened dog on the highway

What started as a scary situation for a poor puppy trapped on a busy roadway finally revealed something really special:

Humanity at its best

On Sunday, Toby Tinelli and his wife were driving on a highway in Houston, Texas, when they suddenly saw a dog roaming free and frightened among the cars.

Without hesitation, all the drivers around Tinelli made the well-being of their dog their top priority: they formed a protective blockade around him.

“About five cars in front of us immediately threw their turn signals and started trying to put the dog on the side of the road and safely,” Tinelli told Dodo.

At full speed, Tinelli managed to stand in front of the dog to prevent him from fleeing their father. It was then that traffic stopped and many motorists waited for the puppy to be saved safely.

“It was an incredible moment!” Said Tinelli. “All the cars on the highway slowed down to help, people were jumping out of their cars and running after her too.”

And thanks to them, the dog has been saved. Open nex Page To See Viedo







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