Pet Camera Catches Cat Comforting Anxious Dog While Owner Is At Wor

Having supportive friends to get you through bouts of anxiety is definitely something that is important in life. And no one knows that better than Joule – a very sweet little dog who hates being left alone.

Joule has definitely made strides in her confidence having been rescued by Brenna Eckert four years ago


As Eckert explained to the Dodo, “Joule was very anxious when we adopted her. We worked one-on-one with a canine behaviorist to help him solve some of his problems.”

“It’s definitely a Velcro dog,” Eckert added. “When we’re at home, she always needs to be close to us.”
Shortly after Joule joined the family, Eckert welcomed another pet into the mix: Kelvin, an orange tabby kitten. From the beginning, Joule and Kelvin got along well, as if they were lifelong friends.





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