Photographer finds skinny stray dog ​​on abandoned island

Photographer finds skinny stray dog ​​on abandoned island

In December, photographer Wesley White traveled to Thatch Caye in Belize for a work trip.
Even if White was in Belize to work, he found time to have fun. White loved kayaking, so on his day off he decided to rent a kayak at his station. He went kayaking on a small abandoned island, where he planned to picnic.

White arrived on the island and pulled his kayak to shore. He started looking for a picnic spot, and then realized that the island was not really abandoned.
There was a tiny stray puppy already living on the island. The poor puppy was so emaciated that White could see each of his ribs. It was clear that the dog could not survive any longer.

Even though the dog was clearly in pain, his tail waggled when he saw White approaching him.
“My heart exploded out of my chest,” said White. “He was just waiting for a human to appear.”

White knew he couldn’t leave the dog alone on the island. And so, he gently put the dog on his kayak and brought him back to Thatch Caye.
Just like that, White’s whole plan has changed. He had only two days left in Belize and was determined to find a home for the dog before he left. He decided to name the little dog Winston.






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On Sunday December 2nd, 2018, while fishing among some mangroves off the the coast of Belize, @wesleywhitepro found a small emaciated dog at an unoccupied fishing shack. Clearly the puppy was near death. Wesley removed the dog from the situation and took him back to Thatch Caye. After booking a boat ride to the main land, winston was taken to Stann Creek Animal Hospital near Dangriga, Belize. Winston was found to be infested with mites, emaciated, and dehydrated, but otherwise his organs were healthy. Through the generosity of others, Wesley was able to pay for full veterinary care and fostering with the Placencia Humane Society. . . . #animalrescue #rescuedog #dogsofinstagram #thedodo #belize #placencia #thehumanesociety @hsiglobal @humanesociety @thedodo @netflixdogs #netflixdogstory

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Back on the mainland, White contacted the local aid society, who said they would take Winston and give him much-needed veterinary care.

“Winston was found to be infested with mites, emaciated and dehydrated, but otherwise his organs were healthy,” White wrote on Instagram.

White spent his last two days in Belize with Winston, making sure he was fine. When it was time for him to return home to Montana, he was heartbroken.

“It was like giving up my little puppy all of a sudden,” said White.

White started thinking about adopting Winston himself, but he already had two dogs. He didn’t know if his puppies and Winston would get along

Two months have passed and White couldn’t get Winston out of his head. He decided he wanted to try adopting him – he fell in love with the dog by the time he met him.
White went down to Texas to meet Winston, and Winston was so excited to see him! The dog’s tail never stopped wagging during their reunion.

Winston and White returned to Montana, and White nervously introduced Winston to his two other dogs. Fortunately, everyone got along. Soon the three were acting like brothers and sisters!
“Mr. Winston now weighs 36 pounds! 24 more pounds than when I found it in December, ”White wrote on Facebook. “Having 3 dogs is a bit wild, but I love it!”


We may never know how Winston ended up on the abandoned island, but luckily the right person came and found him. If you want to see more photos of Winston in his new life in Montana, check out his Instagram page.


h/t: Western Journal

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