[PIC ]Bus station gives 3 freezing strays shelter and the dog’s reaction melted our hearts

We constantly come across inspiring stories of humane humans who care for animals in need and who show us that there is still hope in humanity.

While in some places winter is still a long time coming, in other states temperatures have already started to drop and a group of street dogs in southern Brazil has found a hot spot to escape low temperatures.

We still do not know if these poor dogs were born in the street or were abandoned by their cruel owners, but what matters is that now they know what a warm home looks like, all thanks to the kind staff a bus terminal in the city of Curitiba, who decided to take stray dogs to their terminal to save them from the freezing weather.

The dogs now have food, water, beds, and blankets and have even been named Max, Pitoco and Zoinho by the staff who rescued them. Open next Page To See More



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