[Pics] Man Was Going To Return Dog To Shelter, Until He Read The Previous Owner’s Note


A dog can definitely help lift the spirits of their owner, and vice versa! But what happens when a dog ends up in the hands of a new owner but wishes that they were in the arms of their previous one? This is what happened when a young man moved into a new town and felt a strong sense of loneliness. He decided that in order to fix this, he could adopt a dog who would give him the company he needed. After he adopted the dog he thought was perfect for him, he didn’t foresee the challenges he would face. And then he read a letter the previous owner left for him…

He Was About To Give Up

It was a tough situation for Anthony and his dog. Convinced that things wouldn’t work out, he still decided to give it two weeks. This is because the shelter suggested this might be how long it takes for the dog to adjust to his new environment. Open next Page To see more 



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