Pitbull couple save their owner’s life during attempted robbery


How would you react if a group of thugs suddenly approached you and illegally asked you to hand over your car keys?

Do you say no and risk being beaten or worse? Or do you put them back on and pray that it will be enough to make them disappear?

Well, a man was recently confronted with this situation but, fortunately for him, he did not have much say about what happened afterward.

But her Pitbull puppies did.7

Ollabelle and Ladybug are two adorable Pitbull dogs that have been disowned and abandoned by their former owners.

Life has not always been so easy for both pitties, but that hasn’t stopped them from hoping that one day they will receive the love of a human.

Their wait was over when they were adopted by Robert McGowan, their new adoptive father.

According to him, the two dogs are of a calm and quiet nature.

“They are very docile and shy. They’re not aggressive at all,” McGowan told the Dodo.
Ollabelle and the ladybug showed only love for their new dad.go to next Page to See More









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