Pitbull sheltered because a family is expecting a baby

Pitbull sheltered because a family is expecting a baby


Source: Facebook (Julie Carner)

Unfortunately, discrimination is pretty much everywhere – even animals can feel the effects.

Pit bulls, in particular, are often stereotypically viewed as an aggressive dog breed and many people think they simply can’t get along with humans… or that they are simply extremely poorly behaved dogs. But for most Pitbulls, that’s certainly not the case.

Many Pitties have difficulty getting adopted, and that was the case for poor Pitbull.

One day, a woman named Olena Kayui was simply scrolling through her Facebook feed when a photo of a sad-looking Pitbull puppy caught her attention.

It was a post on a social media outlet, made by the local shelter, stating that the dog should be euthanized because they could not find a home for him.

Unfortunately, he did not reside in a “no-kill” shelter and the staff began to lose hope for him.Go To next Page to See More




Source: Facebook (Julie Carner)









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