Police Departments Needed Cheaper K9s, so They Adopted Pit Bulls From Dog Shelters

Pitbull enthusiasts have long praised the humility and obedience of the breed, which has been called “dangerous” by so many of its critics. Increasingly, law enforcement officers are proving that this negative label is wrong by recruiting pit bulls from their ranks.

These pit bulls are a cheap alternative to the more expensive and trained K-9 officers from other breeds, but how do they measure up?

Some police departments in the United States cannot afford or are only too small to use regular police dogs – K-9 units are essential tools for detecting things, from drugs to corpses. But law enforcement agencies across the country have found a cheaper alternative that has proven to be just as effective.

“The police have finally figured it out,” said Protect Pit Bulls of BSL.

“Instead of spending $ 10,000 to $ 15,000 on a trained German Shepherd Dog or GSD, they now take pit bulls out of shelters and train them, and they turn out to be incredible police and military K9s. ”

Organizations like Protect Pit Bulls from BSL (breed-specific legislation) are working hard to change people’s perceptions of the breed, proving that they are both trainable and professional-quality service dogs that can do almost everything the job requires.open next Page To See more.




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