Pregnant Woman’s Dog Kept Barking Until It Saved Her Life


Dogs can be a part of the family as much as the humans we know and love can be. They like to play with us, they hog the bed like us, they beg for whatever we happen to be snacking on – even when their food bowl is full, and they are a part of some of our most cherished memories. They even seem to know our personalities after a while. We definitely learn to love and appreciate theirs. But sometimes, they do so much more than that. They know they are our protectors, and they look out for us, sometimes in some very unexpected ways. Keola is one dog who definitely went above and beyond when it came to taking care of her human family. This is her story. Meet Keola Keola is an American Akita who lives with Alhanna and Ricky Butler in England. They raised her starting when she was a puppy and loved her with all their hearts. In return, she showed her loyalty and gave everything she had.Continue reading on the next page:









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