Puppy alone in the shelter – until the firefighter who rescued her from negligence brings her home

Dogs always remember people who are nice to them.

They are able to remember kind people. Your dog can enthusiastically greet you at the door every time you come home from work or your neighbor’s dog can consistently greet you during his afternoon walk.

A man experienced this dog gratitude more than anyone earlier this year.
In early October, a 3-month-old pit bull puppy named Chunk was tied to a tree and left outside in the rain. It was cold, shivering and clearly suffering from scabies.

A team from the Sacramento Fire Department went near the sad scene on the way to answer a call and could not stop and help the poor puppy. After answering their call, a firefighter, Mike Thawley, remembered the young dog and wanted to go back to help. The crew doubled their backs, picked up Chunk and took her back to the fire station.


Once out of bad weather, the crew gave her a bath and a lot of hugs to help her warm-up. The scab was too painful for the fire crew to handle alone. Her legs were swollen and she had lost almost everything.

Recognizing that they could not help enough, the crew took her to the nearby Front Street Animal Shelter shelter for extra treatment and home.
The shelter staff immediately began to treat her scabies and gave her dog clothes to help keep her warm until her fur regrows. Firefighter Mike Thawley was unable to stop thinking about her and decided to return to safety the next day. Open next Page To See VIDEO




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