puppy goes to the salon and gets his hair done with his mother



A puppy goes to the salon and gets his hair done with his mother

Brittany Taylor was getting her hair done at Gibson Hair and Makeup in Charleston, South Carolina, and couldn’t resist talking to her stylist Michelle Atwood about her new puppy, Luka. Since joining his family, the little puppy has been a constant source of joy, and it is hard not to constantly share stories about his beauty.

“We have two other dogs and Luka was the funniest, loudest and dumbest puppy to date,” Taylor told the Dodo. “When we go home after leaving for a

while he squeals like a little pig and makes us squeeze him for about five minutes, then he calms down. He’s extremely playful and loves to snuggle up to your face.”

After hearing about him, Atwood knew she was going to meet little Luka, so she insisted that Taylor bring him next time. She accepted, of course, and on her next visit to the salon, Luka followed her, much to the delight of all those who had their hair done that day.



At first, Luka was a little impatient watching his mother get his hair done, but after a while he settled down and everyone loved hanging out with him and giving him a lot of attention while he waited.

“He was a little hyperactive when he arrived at the salon, but after about an hour he calmed down and fell asleep for 45 minutes,” Taylor said. “Everyone in the living room loved having Luka by his side! Many have helped me keep him since I got my hair done and he’s had a lot of animals and hugs. He’s such a good boy!”

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Once Taylor finally took care of her own hair, she and Atwood had the best idea – they decided to let Luka take a chair ride too! As Luka was already very cute, they pretended to cut her hair, but everyone loved watching the puppy put on a cape and put on the chair, and Luka himself seemed to appreciate all the attention too.

“I think he did well because he was still a little bit asleep,” Taylor said. “He was very curious to see what was going on and acted like a good boy!”

source : The dodo


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