Puppy Named ‘Mork Skywalker’ Looks Just Like Baby Yoda



There’s nothing cuter than Baby Yoda – except maybe for a puppy that looks like Baby Yoda. And little Mork is a young puppy who resembles the phenomenon of pop culture. Mork was rescued in October from a truckload of dogs

headed for a sinister spell in the Chinese meat trade.

The adorable puppy has large, expressive eyes and pointy ears. He weighed only 11 pounds when he was rescued and one suite was hospitalized with bowel problems. He was a tough little cookie and managed to get back from the brink, eventually being flown in December to Los Angeles where he would get his new start in life.

Mork was rescued by HarbinSHS – an organization dedicated to saving dogs before they reach the meat trade in China, where it is still legal to sell dog meat.

The founder of nonprofit rescue shelter Roadogs, Nikki Carvey, first received a photo of Mork after being informed about the rescue mission. And it turned out to be love at first sight.open next Page to seeMore






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