Rescue Dog Hugs News Reporter Until He Adopts Her


When we adopt a dog, only part of that decision comes back to us. In most cases, our dogs choose us first. Some dogs even surprise us and make us fall in love with them when we least expect it.

This is the case of a dog in an animal shelter. She fell in love with a journalist who was covering a story at the shelter. So she was willing to do anything to make him love her in return. This journalist did not know that his personal story was going to become even more famous than the one he covered.

Many dogs in the shelter observed the man out of curiosity, but one dog, in particular, was not afraid. She approached the journalist and showed him as much love as possible. The comforting interaction between the journalist and the dog was filmed on video. It has been broadcast on all social media, touching the hearts of people all over the world. This video is a perfect example of how dogs choose us.GO to Next Page to See Video







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