Rescue Dog Hugs News Reporter Until He Adopts Her

A life-changing hug
In the video, the dog hugs the journalist, refusing to let him go. She clings to his leg and presses his head against him. The poor dog seems tired of being alone at the shelter, and it seems that she may have had a litter of puppies before arriving at the shelter. So she was desperate to find someone who would really love her.

Although the man is probably troubled by the dog’s actions, he joyfully encourages his behavior. He gently strokes his head, prompting him to cling more to him. The video lasts about 30 seconds, so it’s one of the most beautiful hugs ever filmed.

As this adorable video has circulated on the Internet, it is accompanied by a story to make tears flow. Apparently, the reporter adopted the dog after their famous hug. The dog had chosen the journalist, and he had no way of saying no. Everyone who commented on the video agreed that the adoption of the dog was not negotiable. If a dog hugs you for so long, you have no choice but to love it forever.

It’s comforting to see that videos like this have happy endings. It is clear that the dog and the man were destined to be best friends. So the next time you plan to adopt a dog, be patient because the perfect dog will love you as much as you love it. After all, the bond we share with our furry friends is indestructible.


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