Rescue dog with disfigured face searches for a house forever

A puppy who is born with a wobbly face that leaves people “shocked” is looking for a home forever with a family who “will look deeper than his facial disfigurement for his golden heart.”

Bethany is an eight-month-old Labrador cross that was born with a severe facial disfigurement that causes the muzzle to twist completely and sags on one side of his face, exposing his teeth.

Even though her face may be the traditional standard of beauty, it has no impact on Bethany’s health or her “joyful” personality.

Bethany has been checked by a veterinarian and permitted to travel from Romania to the UK after her rescue. She is perfectly capable of eating, drinking, running, and playing like any other dog.

The charity that rescued her was Safe Rescue for Dogs, an organization based in Norwich, Norfolk, where Bethany is currently housed, but she desperately needs a permanent home.

46-year-old nanny Zoe Casey hopes that whoever adopts her will look beyond her face and appreciate her “incredible” personality.

Zoe said, “There is absolutely nothing wrong with Bethany – she doesn’t even snore when she is asleep. People asked, “are we sure we are doing the right thing?” And “how do we know?”. We know this because it has been checked by the veterinarian and checked again in Calais and Dover at DEFRA.

She added, “If she were sick, she would have been seized because it is their job. She’s very well. It is the most fantastic dog. She is sweet and happy. We went for a walk, and she is already in the lead. She runs and comes back when called. She loves children; she is good with other dogs; she is as close to perfect temperament as ever. ”

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Zoe then went on to say, “She looks very much like a Labrador in temperament. She is cheerful and adorable. There is an attitude of people looking for the perfect dog, but I think people have to look a little deeper. We hope Bethany finds an average family who treats her like a healthy dog because she is reasonable even if she doesn’t look at her. “open next Page To See More.




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