San Diego rescuers rescue dog from murky waters

San Diego rescuers rescue dog from murky waters


Many dogs love a day at the beach just as much as a human. In fact, many of them seem to like it even more. An adventurous beach-loving puppy joined his mistress for a swim at Sunset Cliffs in San Diego this July 4th weekend. Unfortunately, the enthusiastic dog soon found himself having trouble paddling back to him.

The person of the dog must have had the insight not to try to chase him. Often, people who try to swim in rough waters after their dog may find themselves swept away by the sea. Instead, he left it to the professionals to save his puppy. San Diego rescuers and firefighters to the rescue!

Two rescuers rushed to the dog as he struggled to swim. SD Fire-Rescue rescuers K. Bachelder and K. Barry arrived on the scene with a lifeboat. Rescuers store lifeboats at their stations in case of emergency. Usually, tying an injured swimmer to a board keeps his neck or limbs still to avoid injury. In this case, they use the board to help a puppy in difficulty to take shelter.go To the next Page to See More









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