Santa Claus Appears in Long-Term Refuge – Dogs Rage on Bag of Goodies

Santa Claus always brings incredible gifts.
Santa not only shows himself in love and cuddles with the animals, but he brings bags of treats. Thanks to donations from around the world, the Sava family can provide these beautiful creatures with new toys, delicious treats, food, blankets and various other gifts.


The goal is to give each animal in the shelter a better life until they are adopted.
People in Romania and beyond are so impressed with what the Sava family is doing to help the animals they freely donate. In fact, it was these very gifts that built the shelter and allowed it to thrive today. With the money received, the animals are fed a healthy diet and receive excellent veterinary care. The funds also help repair the shelter, if necessary.

This family also gives back to the community.
It is not only a question of receiving but also of giving. Throughout the year, the Sava family organizes various projects to help other animal owners in their community. The social programs created allow pet owners in south-eastern Romania to receive free food and veterinary care.

Anyone can help this refuge and others.
You know, Santa Claus has a sleigh led by reindeer, so he travels quickly around the world. Or, people could do what the Sava family does and have someone to represent Santa Claus. After the Christmas holidays, people can donate items and money. Every donation counts.

If you love animals and want to help your local shelter, contact the administrator to see what they need. This could include donating your time to cleaning cages, walking dogs, or donating bags of food. As for Christmas, it is not yet too late. Consider assembling small bags of treats to brighten up the spirit of otherwise neglected animals.

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